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We are a foremost supplier, trader & exporter of CE approved and full safety pattern (EN387-1) Freon Pressure Gauge, based in Gujarat, India.

This Freon pressure gauge is notably designed for the refrigeration plants and commercial refrigeration applications for testing, semicing and recharging, and thereby it is also reckoned as the refrigerant pressure gauge in the several industries. Other than refrigeration, this Freon pressure gauge is equally employed in the all types of frozen system pressure measurement including, air condition, industrial chiller, air conditioning, cold coal filling equipment and cold storage refrigeration system.

With the wealth of experience in the allied segment, we as supplier, trader and exporter of the Freon pressure gauge possess a profound technological knowhow associated with the pressure gauge and hence are experts in selecting the right Freon pressure gauge in respect to its application need. We have procured the certified range of the Freon pressure gauge from the authorized manufacturer, which are tested thoroughly by our expert team of QA in order to ensure its accordance with the quality standards.

The offered exemplary range of the Freon pressure gauge is highly praised for its accuracy and reliability quotient in the certain industries, which has alike structure to the general pressure gauge, except its strictness in the air tightness requirement. We as a supplier, trader and exporter of the Freon pressure gauge recommend for the special welding and testing in order to ensure the refrigerant leakage former to installation. This Freon pressure gauge is extensively used in the several industries for measuring 22, 134, 12, 407, 407, 410 cold medium.

In order to match with the frequently changing needs of the industries, we as a supplier, trader and exporter make this Freon pressure gauge available in the expansive spectrum. The entire range of this Freon pressure gauge is mainly made up of iron and copper metal, and is available in either red or blue colored case. Due to its height accuracy aspect, is immensely used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, manufacture, papermaking, food, energy, etc.

Principle options available in Freon Pressure Gauge:

Dial Pointer Accuracy
R-12, 22, 502A, R-134A, R404 a temp. readings Black aluminum, fixed or adjustable. Wide selection of connections and pressure ranges. Crimped ring or bayonet bezel ASME Grade B

Technical side of the Freon Pressure Gauge:

Nominal Size (mm) 63mm (2 ½ ), 100mm (4 )
Scale Range 0 Vacuum to 700 kg/cm2 & above on request
Accuracy in FSD 1%
Thread Connection 1/8 npt or 3/8" bsp connection or other as required
Case and Bezel Brass
Pressure Elements Bourdon Tube
Case and Bezel Draw n steel, SS 304
Window Glass, acrylic glass or Teflon glass
Optional Available in stainless steel and steel case
Wetted Parts Brass, SS 304 and other material on request
Mounting of Gauge 1/8 npt or 3/8" bsp connection or other as required
Filling Dry or liquid filled

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